Senior Snow Bird Considerations

senior winter holidayAre you thinking about heading for warmer climates this winter? Each year senior Canadians head south for sun and warmth, staying anywhere from a one-week holiday to a few months to avoid the winter blues up here. Here are some considerations that you might discuss with your senior loved one before booking a ticket:

  • Temperature. Of course, the warmer temperatures are the main reason for taking this trip, but there is such a thing as too hot, especially when it comes to the elderly. Check the forecast, and always make sure there is a plan to stay cool, such as an air-conditioned room and a swimming pool.
  • Healthcare. How will you stay well, and what if you fall ill? Take a look at the options available in the country you are visiting, the specific area, and of course what insurance you will need. If your senior loved one is taking prescription medications, can they bring the supply required for the length of stay?
  • Company. Are you (or your senior loved one) thinking about heading off alone? How will you manage? If you are travelling as a group or family, how will that dynamic work? Picking the right holiday partners is not unique to seniors, but it’s still worth considering!
  • Comforts. Traveling to a different country always comes with the excitement – and sometimes inconvenience – of enjoying different comforts. What items can your senior loved one not do without? How will the accommodation differ from life at home? What will you need to bring to ensure their comfort at all times?
  • Activities. There are lots of choices in North and Central America for senior-friendly holidays, with activities suited to the elderly. There are also a lot of places that are geared to a younger crowd, so be sure you’re picking a place suited to the former.
  • Communications. Wherever your senior loved one goes, you’ll want to stay in touch, and it is equally important that they can contact you should any emergency arise. Ensure that you have the necessary means to communicate, such as a tablet computer with Skype.
  • Insurance. Okay, this is the most boring part of holiday planning, but insurance is incredibly important. More and more insurance companies offer policies geared towards senior citizens, so shop around.

Now go pack some sunscreen, and bon voyage!