Staying Positive

cultivate-positivity-in-and-around-youThere are a lot of reasons that the world is feeling very sorry for itself these days. I don’t need to list them – suffice to say, 2016 has been a difficult year in many parts of the world. A lot of people around the world are looking at the news each day and feeling sad, worried, angry, and scared.

While sticking our heads in the sand or preparing for deploy to Mars are not the best way to deal with our problems, it’s still important to look after ourselves and take some time away from the negativity and instead build positivity. Here are some simple things that we can all be doing daily to built positivity within and around us:

  • Get outside. Nature heals.
  • Spend quality time with quality people. Ban discussion of politics.
  • Cook healthy, comforting food. Remember to nourish yourself!
  • Move more. Exercise releases endorphins, making us feel happier.
  • Sleep better for an improved mood.
  • Take a bubble bath. Self-care can work wonders.
  • Say hello to your neighbours. Remind each other there are still good people all around us.