Kickstarting 2017 – Senior Health

2017 January is the month typically filled with diets, workouts, self-help books, decluttering, and all sorts of resolutions. It’s the first month of a new year, where we decide to make this year better than the last. It’s also only a week after the holiday period, where many of us over-indulged and spent too much time indoors, losing track of our usual routines. This means it’s the perfect time to kickstart your health for the year, while we are surrounded by motivation!

If you (or your senior loved one) are looking to make some positive changes to kick off 2017, here are some of the most important health changes any senior should be making:

  • Sort out your sleep schedule. Sleep is essential to supporting a healthy immune system, cognitive repair, and maintaining a good weight, amongst so much more.
  • Get your 30 minutes of exercise every day. Through age and perhaps injuries, activities we enjoyed when we were younger may no longer work, and January is the perfect time to try new activities such as yoga or aquacise.
  • Get more Vitamin D. During the Canadian winter, you will need a supplement to do this.
  • Eat your fruit and veg. If you slipped a little in December, set a challenge for the entire month to have at least five servings per day.
  • Drink more water, and less alcohol and caffeine.

What are your health goals for 2017?