Causes of Chronic Fatigue

Does you or your senior loved one experience chronic fatigue? Chronic fatigue has many causes and can be difficult to understand. In addition to feeling exhausted, fatigue can cause mood swings, decreased immunity, and an increased chance of injury for seniors. It can be very difficult to live with chronic fatigue, and finding the cause can give you your life back.

Causes of Chronic Fatigue in Seniors:

  • Prescription Medication: Medications often come with side effects that are difficult to predict from individual to individual. It may be that the drugs you are taking for something else are the cause of your fatigue. Speak to your GP about alternatives, or finding out if this drug is the cause.
  • Depression: Depression is the most common cause of chronic fatigue. Seniors are especially susceptible to undiagnosed depression, and we know it can be hard to talk about sometimes. Depression-related fatigue usually involves mood swings or personality changes and disrupted sleep patterns.
  • Allergies and Intolerances: Some foods just don’t agree with some people, and while severe allergies are easy to diagnose (ie, you get very ill), intolerances can be harder and linger in long-term problems like chronic fatigue. Speak to a dietician if you think you may be experiencing a food intolerance.
  • Sleep Problems: Seniors often find their sleep patterns disrupted, and not getting enough sleep over the long term can result in chronic problems, most notably fatigue. Try sticking to a strict sleep schedule, turn off technology at least one hour before bed time, and avoid caffeine and alcohol for a little while until your regular sleeping patterns are restored.

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