Spring Cleaning

pink flowersSpring has finally sprung, and we couldn’t be happier. In springtime, the air is always filled with the hope of a new beginning, of the regenerating earth and the warming of the sun, and all of this naturally inclines us to do a bit of spring cleaning. If you care for an elderly loved one, whether they live independently or with you, spring cleaning is a great time to help them reduce clutter and do some chores that they may need assistance with.

Here’s where you should focus your spring cleaning for your elderly loved one:

  • The Kitchen: If your senior loved one lives independently, it’s important to clear the cupboards and fridge of any old/expired food. Especially if their diet or health has changed, it’s a great time to clear out the things that they won’t eat, and replace with some healthy, fresh new food. Also, if their health or mobility has changed, it can be a good time to review the layout of the kitchen. Frequently used items could be put in more accessible positions, for example.
  • Living Spaces: If there is too much clutter in living spaces, it will increase the chances of tripping and falling. Falls are the number one cause of hospitalisation to otherwise healthy seniors, and are completely preventable. Make sure that shelves are stable, cords and rugs are not crossing the floor (or are taped down), and strong surfaces that can be used for stability are clear.
  • Closets: If your senior loved one is holding on to old clothes that won’t be worn anymore, spring cleaning is a great occasion to finally clear those out and donate them to someone who does need them.
  • Bathroom: Ensure that old prescriptions are cleared out, and there are no expired drugs in the medicine cabinet. The bathroom is the most likely place that a senior will have a fall or accident, so clear surfaces of clutter, and ensure that there are sturdy handrails where necessary.

If your senior loved one needs more help, there are many businesses around Vancouver Island who can help your senior loved one with a full spring cleaning.