Staying Well in Summer Heat for Seniors

The hottest days of the year have arrived, and Canadians across the country are rejoicing. As we look forward to all the joys that summer brings – BBQs, holidays, shorts weather, weekend visits, and outdoor activities – it is important to make some considerations for the seniors in your family. Heat waves can especially affect the elderly, and health concerns during the hottest months can be serious.

With some planning ahead and consideration, you can ensure you keep your senior loved ones safe and healthy to enjoy all the great things of summer:

  • Check air conditioning in the house. This is no time to have a fault!
  • Ensure that cool water is always on hand. Especially when planning a day out, ensure you will have ample supply.
  • Keep a sun umbrella, or other shade, available always. If you suddenly experience overheating and need shade, don’t find yourself without.
  • Be confident that emergency calls are always easy. If your senior loved one starts experiencing a heat stroke, make sure they know the signs, and the following plan for emergency services.
  • Plan activities around the hottest times of the day. Between noon and 3pm is a good time to be relaxing somewhere air-conditioned.
  • Don’t overexert yourselves. Being active in the heat accelerates the onset of heat stroke.
  • Check the weather. If a heat wave is coming, make appropriate plans.