Reading for the Elderly – After Sight Decline

For many seniors who enjoy reading, it can be devastating when they no longer have adequate eyesight to read the paper books they have always loved. This can happen from certain prescriptions, illnesses, or simply as part of the age process. The decline of sight does not need to mean the end of enjoying books. Here’s how elderly can still indulge in reading after sight decline:

Audio Books. Almost anywhere that books are sold, you can now find audiobooks for many technologies, such as mobiles/tablets or CD-roms. Audio books are great because they are often narrated by the author themselves, or someone very animated that makes the story come alive. Seniors can play their audio books either through headphones or their own speakers at home.

eBooks. The reason why reading on a tablet or Kindle is great is that the font size can be adjusted. If your elderly loved one still has enough sight to continue reading, but simply cannot cope with the small fonts used in paper books, this could be a great solution. In addition to adjusting the text size, users can adjust the brightness of screen, and even the colour of the background/text.

Reading aloud. If you are visiting your elderly loved one, it can be wonderful to read out loud to them. Reading out loud can be a great bonding session for both of you to enjoy a story together, and your loved one will cherish your involvement in helping them enjoy books.