The Positives to Seniors Living at Home

Seniors living at home alone will often, with their family, make the difficult decision to move into a care facility. While this is sometimes necessary for the level of support that seniors with health difficulties require, we know that with in-home care many seniors can stay at home longer. Why is this important? Because seniors love their home. Here’s what seniors in facilities miss about their home:

Their Place. Home is filled with all of your own things, your memories, and your personality. It’s your place. Seniors love their place.

Community. Walking around your local neighbourhood is an extension of your home itself. Living in a community is important to all people – knowing your neighbours, visiting the local businesses, recognising the sights. Moving to a new community is unfamiliar, and doesn’t have that same vibe that you’ve grown to find comfortable.

Routine. A senior living at home has their own routine, probably established over a lifetime. Some facilities will disrupt this routine, which for someone with health difficulties can be particularly distressing.

Independence. The most important reason that seniors love home is their independence. Losing independence is upsetting to elderly adults, and is often the most difficult part of the transition to a care facility.

Can your senior loved one stay living at their home with the help of an in-home caregiver? At Serenity Home Care, the leading provider of in-home senior services in Victoria, BC and the surrounding areas, we’re here to ensure seniors living at home are safe, comfortable, and thriving. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.