Gift Ideas for Seniors

The holidays are just around the corner, and that means the scramble to pick the perfect gifts for each of your loved ones. We know that senior loved ones can be particularly difficult to find gifts for, so we’ve put together a list of perfect gift ideas for 2017!

  • Lego for Seniors – We were simply delighted to discover that Lego is being used by elderly adults. Building with Lego is great for cognitive function, tuning fine motor skills, and, of course, it’s quite simply a lot of fun.
  • Amazon Echo – While this new technology may initially seem too ‘advanced’ for older, non-techie users, it’s actually so incredibly easy to use and great for seniors who want to access the internet, but perhaps don’t get along well with the computer.
  • Kindle/iPad/e-Reader – There are lots of options on the market for electronic books, and we couldn’t pick any over the other. They are easy to use, lightweight, and come with handy functions like the ability to increase font size and change the screen/text colours to be easier to read. These are great especially for seniors who travel, as they are essentially an unlimited library in a small, lightweight tablet.
  • SAD Lamp – During the Canadian winter it’s nearly impossible to get enough hours of sunlight to stay well, and seniors tend to feel this the most. Give your loved one the gift of better mood, sleep, energy, and immune function with an SAD lamp.
  • Memory Books – If you have the time to spare, create your senior loved one a personalised gift of a memory book, a photo journal of memories from your family. Include the grandkids, holidays you spent together, and favourite photos.
  • A ‘No Cost’ Gift – This one is only limited by your creativity, but you could give your loved one the gift of your time. Perhaps you could offer to cook one night, take their car to be washed, take them to their favourite park to walk, or, if you’re particularly handy, offer some help around the house. It might be the most valuable gift you can offer!