New Year’s Resolutions for Caregivers

The trees have been taken down, the leftovers have (finally) all been eaten, relatives have gone home, and work is back in full swing. The holidays are over for another year. It’s at this time that many of us think about resolutions – things we want to do better this year. We’ve put together the top New Year’s resolutions for caregivers this year:

  • Meditate more. Meditation is great for mental, physical, and emotional health. For caregivers, taking time to silence the mind and recentre is essential. Make time in your schedule every day to meditate in 2018.
  • Sleep more. We need 7-8 hours every night to function. Many caregivers fall short of this target due to the needs of their loved one, or even stress impacting on good sleep, so in 2018, set a goal to get the sleep you need to stay well and care for your loved ones.
  • Stress less. Stress is toxic, and can impact your overall health. Take a look at the stress in your life now – does worrying about it serve you? Chances are, the time you spend worrying does not help the situation. In 2018, spend less time feeling stressed by coming up with new ways to process your worry, such as keeping a diary, exercising, or meditating.
  • Make ‘me time’. Caregiving means putting the needs of someone else first, and it’s a trait that makes caregivers such wonderful people. However, you need some time that’s just for you. Make sure that every day this year you spend some time doing something you love to do.
  •  Move more. Okay, everyone has this New Year’s resolution, but it’s important. Find at least thirty minutes every day to move, whatever it is that you like to do!

For help with implementing these or any other New Year’s resolutions for caregivers, turn to Serenity Home Care, the top provider of Highlands home care and care in nearby areas, for the respite care that allows you to take a much needed break for self-care.