Dogs for Senior Health

close up of a black lab dog laying on the floor
Consider a dog for senior health improvement!

Dogs are widely recognised as Man’s Best Friend. And for good reason: People with dogs are statistically healthier and happier, and dogs have been used to help people with anything from blindness to seizures to depression. So what makes a dog a great companion for older adults, and how can dogs for senior health really help?

How Dogs Can Help Seniors’ Health

  • Research has proven that time with a dog reduces stress, almost instantly shown by lowered blood pressure, slowed heart rate, and more regular breathing.
  • Long term, the presence of a dog in your life will help to regulate and reduce stress hormones in the body, significantly reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases as well as other stress-related problems.
  • The companionship of a dog is one of the best known natural remedies for depression.
  • Dogs require care and attention – not to mention exercise. This promotes a healthy lifestyle for the owner of the dog as well.
  • Seniors are in a high-risk category for depression caused by loneliness. A dog (or other pet) in the house can provide a friendship and significant bond to reduce or eliminate depression.
  • People with dogs are more social. Try taking a friendly dog for a walk and just see how many people you end up talking to!

If you are concerned about a senior loved one who lives alone or has health issues, think about a dog to help care for them! Contact Serenity Home Care, the top provider of help for seniors in Langford and the surrounding areas, to discover more ways to improve life for the older adults you love.