Caregivers for seniors with dementia causes stress

CTV News has given national attention to a new report by the Canadian Insititute for Health Information that looks at the impact on unpaid caregivers for seniors. It found that nearly half of unpaid caregivers for seniors with dementia in Canada experience distress from the demands of caregiving, either full-time or part-time.

According to the report, most Canadians with dementia are living at home and depending on loved ones for care, at an average of 26 hours per week. As the number of seniors in Canada increases, the strain on families will also increase.

Many caregivers endure distress due to the time and physical demands of caring for a loved one, often on top of a full-time paid job and caring for their own families. Many unpaid caregivers are “sandwich generation” – caring for both their own children as well as their elderly parents. This leaves caregivers without any personal time, and self-care falls too low on the priority list.

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