The Later Affects of Obesity

A staggering 25% of Canadians are obese. We all know that this figure is a hazard to our healthcare, as well as ourselves. We often think about our own weight management in the present, and tend not to look too far ahead into the future. But obesity has a huge affect in your health in the senior years, and controlling your weight now can make a huge difference to your health, and your dependence on your family as you age.


A wholesome, nutritious diet has been proven to be the best prevention for just about everything. Many diseases that are developed later in life can be attributed to a poor diet, including heart conditions, cognitive impairments including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and even cancer. Start to promote a healthy diet in your family that includes fresh foods and limits processed, chemical-rich foods.


Keep moving! Activity will not only keep weight off, but will maintain a healthy muscolo-skeletal system. Did you know that the greatest cause of injury to seniors is falls? This can largely be prevented by maintaining a strong body, which as you may have guessed, is much easier to start now.

Heart Health

Heart conditions are one of the greatest health concerns to Canadians. Maintaining a healthy weight and controlling your cholesterol is the best thing you can do to avoid a serious condition or heart disease.


A healthy body supports a strong immune system, which in turn prevents disease. By keeping up with a healthy lifestyle, you are preventing a whole range of diseases from ever taking over your body, as you have strong defences. An unhealthy body is one that cannot defend itself against illness.

Focus on prevention.

The bottom line is, what you do now affects your health in later life. Do your future-self – and your family – a favour, and get a handle on your health today. If your family is prone to obesity, you already know that you have to change your lifestyle in order to promote longevity and independence into your senior years.