Home Changes After a Fall

Falls are the most common cause of injury to seniors. Having a fall or an accident can lead to further issues when resulting injuries become a hazard to everyday life. After your senior loved one has had an accident and lost some mobility, it is a good idea to make a few simple home improvements or re-organise to make the home safe.

  • Reorganise the kitchen so appliances and any heavy objects are at easy to reach levels.
  • Remove rugs, electrical cords across the floor, or any other objects that are a hazard to tripping.
  • Install handrails in the washroom and shower.
  • Ensure the entire house is equipped with lighting so getting around at night is easy.
  • Remove objects from high shelves that could be a hazard to falling.
  • Check for any steps or thresholds may be easy to trip over.

If you’re worried about a senior loved one living at home alone, we would be happy to discuss your concerns with you. Please give us a call, or drop us an email!