Senior Safety in Winter

Winter is well on its way, and that means many seniors across Canada are dealing with the cold, cold weather and short, dark days. While winter can pose a risk to most of us, it is especially concerning for seniors who may have mobility issues or live in isolation. Here are our top tips for senior safety in winter:

  • Have a pair of sturdy, warm winter boots with an excellent grip that are easy to put on.
  • Ensure that sidewalks are being taken care of, right up to the front door. The neighbourhood might kids come in handy here!
  • Have an emergency kit prepared and accessible – candles, batteries, heaters, blankets, cell phone, etc.
  • For seniors with mobility issues who like to go for walks, it is preferable that they don’t venture out alone. Bring someone for stability and safety.
  • Get gas/electricity checked and serviced. Do it now!
  • Stock supplies in the house just in case the weather becomes too poor to go out shopping.
  • If the senior is in an isolated location, make sure someone is checking in regularly.
  • Avoid unnecessary driving (applies to everyone).