Creating a Dementia-Friendly Home

Your home is the most important place to you. It is where you should feel most comfortable, as well as safe.  The home is a place to relax, live, and enjoy company with loved ones. So when someone in your family has dementia, it is important to you that you create an environment which is dementia-friendly, so they can feel safe and comfortable too.

Maintaining a familiar environment is very helpful to someone with dementia. Try to keep a home filled with photos, that can help ignite your loved one’s memory, and also try not to undergo any major changes that may be overwhelming or confusing to them.

It is also time to start considering the physical limitations, such as decreased mobility or eyesight. De-cluttering the house to prevent tripping or accidents, and also investigating any trip-hazards such as rugs or loose cords is a good idea. Adding motion-sensor lights, or hallway night lights will also help prevent accidents.

Look around for any potentially hazardous scenarios in your home. As your loved one’s health changes, there may be greater need to improve the safety and accessibility of your home, and it’s easier to start that transition at early stages – before it becomes an urgent need.