Local Senior Summer Activities

When mobility becomes an issue, it can be a daunting task just to get outside and the chances of staying indoors are higher as summer activities seem unattainable, particularly for seniors living alone. Frequent isolation and lack of vitamin D can lower overall health and well-being.

Being outside can lower feelings of anxiety, anger, fear, and stress. And for seniors with mobility issues – the change of scenery, fresh air, and smells alone provide a relaxing setting. So, now that summer is in full swing, it’s time to encourage your loved ones to get out and enjoy the last month of summer. 🌷☀️

Here’s a list of 10 local summer activities for seniors. All of which are wheelchair accessible!

  1. The Butchart Gardens

  2. Royal BC Museum

  3. Butterfly Gardens

  4. Sidney Salish Sea Aquarium

  5. Picnic at Beacon Hill Park

  6. Victoria’s Scenic Drive

  7. Esquimalt Lagoon

  8. Abkhazi Garden Teahouse

  9. Gorge Waterway Park

  10. Watch the Sunset on Dallas Rd.