Activities for Early or Middle-stage Alzheimer’s

It’s common for individuals living with Alzheimer’s to retreat from activities as they become more challenging and frustrating. However, those individuals do not have to give up their favourite activities, they can be modified. Any activity, regardless of how simple it may seem to me and you, can help. Mental stimulation is extremely important and can help manage feelings of anger and agitation.

Here are 20 activities that are open-ended and failure-free for individuals living with early to middle-stage Alzheimer’s:

  1. Folding laundry
  2. Cooking: mash potatoes or shucking corn
  3. Set the dinner table
  4. Water the plants
  5. Walking the dog 
  6. Wrap a present
  7. Feather duster
  8. Sorting jewelry
  9. Making beds
  10. No-bake recipes: fruit salad, cheese & crackers, or peanut butter on fruit
  11. Sing alongs
  12. Bingo
  13. Looking at photo albums
  14. Simple one-word games
  15. Tool box with “safe” tools: empty the toolbox and have them place the items back in the box
  16. Sorting: buttons, cards by suit or colour, nuts & bolts
  17. Sand a piece of wood
  18. Pick flowers
  19. Provide a spray bottle with water and a cloth
  20. Colouring or painting