Senior Transportation Issues

Earning a driver’s license is a right of passage and the loss of a driver’s license can feel like a blow to any senior’s independence and freedom.  If you have lost your license, how do you maintain the life you are used to living?

Thankfully, in Victoria, there are options for seniors.


1. Public Transit.

If you are aged 65 or over, you are eligible for a seniors discount on public transit by showing your BC CareCard or Services Card when you pay.

2. Community Travel Training Program:

This service provides free personalized training for seniors who would like to use public transit regularly. A bus will be brought to the nearest accessible stop closest to your home. A BC Transit worker will show you how to use it until you feel comfortable on your own. Call: (250) 384-7723 or Email: to arrange a session.

3. HandyDART

If you have a disability or use a mobility aid, BC Transit has specially equipped vehicles that provide door-to-door service. Call: (604) 575-6600 to book a ride.

4. Travel Assistance Program

The program can alleviate some costs of transportation for seniors who have to travel within BC for non-emergency medical specialist appointments.

5. Taxi Saver

If HandyDART is not available, Taxi Saver vouchers can be used for one time trips. These are for permanent HandyDART members only. Call: (250) 995-5618 to book a ride.


Over many years, driving becomes an integral part of their everyday lives as getting to a friend’s house, the grocery store, a doctor’s appointment, and most social activities depends on access to transportation.

The decision to surrender or the act of losing a driver’s license should not be taken lightly.  Often, this can cause dramatic impact on senior’s lives with lasting emotional and physical consequences. This loss can lead to decreased mental health and substantial physical inactivity.