10 Ways to Celebrate National Seniors Day

1. Spend time with your loved ones

  • Spending a little quality time can mean a lot to both of you. This could mean making them a meal, going out for coffee or a walk, or simply reading the paper together. Just being in each others presence may brighten their day.

2. Send a card or flowers

  • It is more and more common that families are spread out across Canada and you might only see your elderly loved ones during special occasions. If distance is an issue, try sending a card or flowers in the mail.

3. Volunteer at a senior’s centre

  • Another great way to celebrate Seniors Day is to volunteer your time at seniors centre. They are always planning activities for seniors in the community and need extra hands to coordinate and plan events.

4. Call a grandparent or elder in your life

  • If you don’t live close, take this phone call as an opportunity to ask them what has been happening in their lives and fill them in on events happening in your life too.

5. Start a family history project

  • Creating family tree for a senior in your life is a fun project that also stimulates memories and allows for a conversation about their family history which can straighten bonds. Almost all family history can be found on the internet now, so it is a much less daunting task than 20 years ago.

6. Take them on a day out

  • Ask them where they would like to go. Some suggestions include: the movies, a coffee shop, a walk in the park, a scenic drive, the museum, the board game cafe, or Butchart Gardens.

7. Raise awareness

  • Today is a great day to reach out to seniors in your community and find out the issues they are up against. You can be the voice for their concerns through social media by spreading the message so others can join.

8. Listen to their stories

  • Seniors have decades of experiences and life lessons that younger generations can benefit from. They’ve made sacrifices for their loved ones and in return have experienced love in all its forms. Seniors truly have insights into the most important things in life.

9. Learn a new recipe

  • Maybe there’s a family recipe you’ve always wanted to master. Well, Seniors Day is the perfect day to reach out to a loved one and ask. It gives them the chance to share their knowledge and you will learn something new.

10. Look through photo albums

  • If your loved one is living with memory issues, simply looking through photos can boost their mood and jog their memory. You’ll be amazed at the detail they can remember from one photograph.