Senior Goals -Attainable in 2020

Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over and life is back to normal, there is no better time to sit down with a senior in your life and discuss attainable goals for this year. Motivating your loved ones to reach their goals can set the tone for a successful year, whether it’s towards one goal or all. Here are some ideas! 

Play Brain Games


There is a plethora of mind games online that can help keep senior’s brain active and engaged. If your loved one has a tablet or iPad, here are a few games that are designed to improve the users cognitive health. 

  1. CogniFit Brain Fitness

  2. Brain HQ

  3. MyBrainTrainer

If your loved one is not tech savvy or unable to use such technologies, classic mind-stimulting games can take their place such as:

  1. Scrabble

  2. Crossword puzzles

  3. Sudoku


Fall Prevention


According to Lifeline, on average, every 22 seconds, a person over the age of 65 will fall. It is extremely important to ensure your loved ones are safe, especially if they are still living in their homes. Thankfully, HealthLink BC has a great website that provides information including factors that increase the chance of falling and tips to increase safety in a senior’s bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and stairs.




It is common knowledge that regular exercise is key to a long and healthy life but it can’t be stressed enough! Encourage your loved ones to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. If mobility is an issue, there are modified exercises that can be done if someone is in a wheelchair or bed ridden. Exercises do not need to be complicated, just as long as your body is moving and your heart rate is up. 


Get a pet


Recent research has boasted the positive effects of seniors owning pets. A furry friend can provide companionship for seniors, especially if they are living alone, reducing social isolation and depression. Furthermore, pets require daily care that motivates seniors to stay active. Owing a pet offers benefits to seniors, although, practicality, financial resources, and health status must all be taken into careful consideration. 




Some of the biggest challenges facing seniors is loneliness and social isolation. Encourage your loved ones to increase social activity in their lives. Setting up a weekly call or FaceTime with family members is a great way to stay connected and updated. Now more than ever seniors are online, if your loved one is interested, encourage them to try out social media in order to find people who share their interests and hobbies. 


Schedule Checkups


As seniors age and require more services, checkups and appointments can fill their schedules. It’s important to keep these appointments organized in a calendar so they don’t miss any. Thankfully, our caregivers can assist your loved ones through the entire process, from making appointments to transporting them there and updating the family on the status of their loved ones.