Activities for Seniors in Self-Isolation or Social Distancing

Many of us either know or have a loved one in our lives that lives in a senior care home or long-term facility. As their doors shut to the public their social lives have reduced dramatically. Many facilities have restricted their social activities and our loved ones are now spending their days inside. So, what can seniors do to pass some time? We’re here to help. Pass these ideas along!


Get in touch with your inner creative cat

It doesn’t matter if you have the skills of Picasso or you’ve never painted in your life, the benefits of creating art is nothing but positive. Whether its painting, drawing, or a simple doodle, creating art can reduce stress and anxiety while encouraging creative thinking and a sense of accomplishment. Art can also take other forms such as knitting and crochet!


Keep a diary

Documenting your day in a journal is a great way to track your moods and feelings. If there is no one to talk to about your frustrations or worries, writing them down is one way to release stress. Journaling also increase keep your memory sharp and increases your ability to perceive and manage your emotions.


Limit TV time

It is easy to become glued to the television these days. And while staying up to date on COVID-19 related news is important, there is such a thing as too much news. Viewing and listening to negative stories can lead to sense of helplessness and right now we need positivity in our lives. Try picking up a book or magazine instead. Plus, reading improves memory, sleep, and reduces stress.


Write a letter

If technology is not something you’re interested in and you prefer a more traditional way of communication, write your family or friends a letter! Writing letters helps improve grammar and concentration. It is also more personal than an email or text message as it conveys more emotions and feelings.


Spring cleaning

Now more than ever we are spending most of our time in our homes. We want our home to feel comfortable and clean, clearing out clutter and junk will do just that! Put on some of your favourite music, comfy clothes and start on that list. Remember, this isn’t a race, so take your time and take lots of breaks.



Many of our regular workout routines have been interrupted during this time. However, this doesn’t mean it should stop completely, it just has to adjust! There are thousands of senior-oriented home work out videos online to increase blood flow and stay active. Remember to take it slowly and drink lots of water. Follow the links for some home work out ideas. – Seated Chair Exercises – 10 Minute Light Workout – Senior Yoga!