9 Ways to Celebrate Canada Day 2020 in Victoria

Social distancing doesn’t have to stop you from hosting a fun, quarantine-friendly Canada Day party.

Although COVID19 is preventing large-group gatherings this summer, Canadians continue to celebrate big life events like weddings, graduations, and baby showers. We’re just doing things a little differently. So, if you or your family members are looking forward to a big Canada Day 2020 bash in Victoria, the following ideas will help you ensure Canada’s 153rd birthday goes on despite quarantines and lockdowns.

A virtual celebration is a great idea because distant family and friends who would be unable to attend an in-person event, can now participate in the festivities. Whether you’re planning for yourself or trying to organize a Canada Day surprise for a loved one, there’ are ways to make this day truly special.

Here are some ideas to ensure a fun day for all involved.

  1. Send fun invitations.

Sure, you could just text friends a Skype link, but it’s way more fun to send a customized party invitation. Etsy has some digital party invitations  you can edit and download. You can even send a paper invitation (therefore supporting Canada Post). Either way, an invitation will serve as a reminder of what’s sure to be a unique Canada Day during an unparalleled moment in history.

  1. Put up decorations.

Even if it’s just your immediate family at home, nothing says ‘it’s time to party’ like streamers, flags and banners. Believe it or not, Amazon  even have quarantine-specific party decorations available.

  1. Dress up!

Most people have been sitting around in sweatpants for a few weeks now, and are likely to dress up in fancier clothes. Give your guests that chance with a theme- red and white attire or even black-tie. The choices are nearly endless, and attendees are sure to love the chance to switch up their wardrobe game.

  1. Get together for a video chat.

While nothing beats an in real life celebration, providing far away family and friends the chance to attend a party is a wonderful alternative. You can host a video chat over Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger, or whatever video platform you prefer. Just make sure everyone knows how to connect and use it. Some of your guests might not be used to video chats just yet, so a practice run might be required.

  1. Watch Victoria’s Canada Day 2020 Virtual Celebration on CHECK

Victoria’s Canada Day is traditionally what we do to celebrate. This year, the  virtual event will feature an impressive line-up of diverse, multicultural performances including music and dancing. You will see local Lekwungen Traditional Dancers as well as crowd-sourced content from the community. But, popcorn is not included. This event is broadcast on CHEK and streamed on the City’s website on July 1 at 7 p.m. – 8p.m.

  1. Plan a drive-by celebration.

If you’re trying to create a special Canada Day for a loved one, you can enlist some friends and family who live nearby to participate in a drive-by celebration. Everyone can do something decorative. For example, you can make a big “Happy Canada Day” sign, or paint a loving message on a car’s windows, or attach some red balloons to the roof. Then, you all drive by their house at a designated time.

  1. Attend a livestream from other provinces.

There are tons of livestream events that you can tune into for your quarantine Canada day celebration! Each province is offering livestream events during quarantine. So there’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy.

  1. Get neighbours to celebrate (from a distance).

Invite your neighbours to get out on their front lawn or driveway and sing ‘O Canada’ together. If you live in a walkable area, you can incorporate a 10 minute walk along your street.  As you walk, families in the neighbourhood can sing our national anthem together. But don’t forget to film and upload it.

  1. Give the gift of self-care.

A quarantine Canada Day filled with some self-care activities.

Of course, a celebration doesn’t necessarily mean a big Canada Day bash or huge virtual party. If you’re low-key, just draw a hot bath, pour a glass of red wine, and listen to your favourite Canadian songs. Or do some journaling to reflect on the past year. Self-care activities are the peaceful way to “party.”

And if a loved one in your life doesn’t want to celebrate Canada Day with a drive-by celebration, you can help them have their own self-care Canada Day by sending them their favourite face mask or candle. As always, we can make this happen for your loved one.