Senior Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Here’s a list of gift ideas that are suitable for senior dads. Hopefully this year, we are able to responsibly see our loved ones. 

  1. Non-slip house slippers 

  2. Audiobooks

  3. Photo album with childhood memories 

  4. Digital photo frame

  5. Weighted blanket 

  6. Electric can opener 

  7. Gift card for local taxi company 

  8. Colouring books

  9. Key finder

  10. Scratch map 

  11. Big button remote 

  12. Power lift chair 

  13. Ancestry DNA kit 

  14. Online class to learn a new skill

  15. Wine or coffee subscription 

  16. Instant coffee maker 

  17. Charcuterie board

  18. Personalized calendar 

  19. Robotic vacuum 

  20. Make a fancy, home-cooked meal 


What are you planning for this Father’s Day?