Provide Better Care for Senior Parents with These Tips

Elevate your level of care for senior parents with these tips.

If someone were providing care for you, how would you want that caregiver/care receiver relationship to look? What qualities would shift that level of care from ordinary to extraordinary?

Caring for senior parents at home is a noble and selfless commitment. It’s never a responsibility that should be taken lightly, or taken on halfheartedly. These tips can help you become not just the best possible caregiver, but a care champion who empowers a senior to thrive.

Foster independence. No one wants to feel as though they’re no longer self-sufficient, or that someone is coming in and taking over. Encourage and motivate the senior to do as much as safely and comfortably possible independently, providing whatever support is needed along the way.

Practice empathy. It’s a helpful exercise to routinely put yourself in the senior’s shoes and consider how you would like to be treated if roles were reversed. This may mean setting your own feelings aside to better understand those of your loved one.

Be creative. Think outside of the box to find ways to brighten each day. For instance, declare Mondays to be “Milkshake Mondays,” experimenting with making and sampling new flavors together. If the senior loves dogs, invite a pet therapist to visit or take a trip to the local humane society. Have a movie marathon day featuring all of the senior’s favorite films. The ideas are limitless!

At Serenity Home Care, the top-rated provider of elder care in Victoria and the surrounding areas, we provide the training and guidance that makes our caregivers truly experts in what they do. Whether the need is for just a little help around the house with cleaning and meals, if a companion would help alleviate loneliness and isolation, or if full-time, around-the-clock care and support are needed, we’re here for you.

Through creative approaches to care, we make each day the best it can be for the seniors we serve, walking the delicate balance between ensuring senior safety and fostering the independence and freedom that are so crucial to our wellbeing.

Let Serenity Home Care’s trained and experienced care experts help with additional ideas and hands-on assistance with senior care at home. Contact us at 250.590.8098 to request an in-home consultation and to learn more about how we can help the older adults you love continue to live their best lives where it’s most comfortable – right in the comfort and familiarity of home.