Care Services

Caregiver serving client a meal

Serenity Home Care is motivated by our conviction that every life should be celebrated.

It’s the starting point for all of the care we provide. We always offer a complimentary in-home assessment before you even commit to working with us. From there we create a personalized plan of care to include as much or as little home assistance as needed. We carefully match each client to the most compatible caregiver, based on similar likes/dislikes, personality type, and the type of care needed.

Serenity Home Care features a specialty care focus, centering on the needs of those with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and neurological disorders.

We take on the most complex cases with grace and compassion, offering care that other agencies often are not willing to provide because of difficulty or resources needed.

Celebrating Each Individual With Personalized Care at Home

We specialize in providing "Serenity Experiences", outings that enrich our clients' lives and speak to each person's unique interests and preferences.

We’ve taken clients skating, canoeing, dragon boating, sailing and golfing, as well as to the opera and other cultural events. We regularly take clients for a drive, often through the neighbourhoods they used to live in so that they can reminisce. We even escorted a client to Toronto, a 5+ hour flight with connections!

Serenity Home Care provides in-home assistance wherever a client calls home, including private homes, independent and assisted living communities, and long term care facilities.

To schedule a free in-home consultation and learn more about how our home care solutions in Victoria, Langford, Sidney, Saanich, Oak Bay, and throughout Greater Victoria can enrich the life of a senior you love, contact us today.

Caring for a loved one who has received an Alzheimer's or dementia diagnosis can be confusing as well as emotionally and physically exhausting.

Home care offers respite for family members who need a break from the relentless demands of primary caregiving. Our caregivers are specially trained via a certification program called “Gentle Persuasive Approaches” (GPA) to communicate with and serve individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

An evidence-based, person-centered system, GPA ensures that caregivers take on the onus for understanding patterns of behaviors and triggers. GPA-trained caregivers always interact with their client as a person with history, dignity, and capacity for interpersonal relationships. At the end of each visit, we want our clients to feel happy, even if they can’t remember the visit.

An Outing to Remember

grandfather teaching grandson how to fish on a lake

Several years ago, the family of a potential client approached us with a question. Her husband loved to fish but had recently been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. Could we provide someone who could take her husband fishing and keep his joy around his favorite pastime alive? Many other agencies had already told her no, but we found the right caregiver and gave Linda our enthusiastic “yes!”

To arrange care for a senior you love with Alzheimer’s or dementia, contact us today.

Neurological Care

Unlike many of our competitors, we specialize in neurological care and take on cases too complex for other home care agencies.

We offer specialized care for individuals with ALS and MS, and those who have experienced a stroke or other neurological complications.

We respect all our clients regardless of ability and provide ongoing training to our caregivers to ensure they’re providing compassionate and quality care.

To learn more about how we can offer neurological care to an older adult in your life, contact us today.

Whether the senior you love needs help with bathing, dressing, skin care, or exercise, we’re here to provide exactly the right amount of care for their needs and abilities. As with all our services, the individual’s dignity and safety is put first.

Our personal care services include:

To take the next step in finding the perfect in-home caregiver for your loved one, reach out to us today.

Serenity Home Care offers a variety of homemaking services in order to keep your loved one’s home orderly, tidy, and calming. A safe and clean home can provide comfort and peace of mind for those who wish to age at home, and we’re pleased to be able to facilitate such an environment.

The homemaking services we offer include:

To learn more about how we can keep your loved one’s living space comfortable and safe, contact us today.

We frequently run errands of all kinds on behalf of our clients, especially when there is no local family available. 

We purchase items, fulfill requests from lawyers and banks, and pick up materials from stores; everything from clothes to television sets! In addition, we organize services for our clients such as home maintenance and lawn care, and pick up their groceries before we help make a healthy and delicious meal.

A healthy social life is a key part of senior wellness. Our caregivers are warm and friendly, and seek to create true and lasting emotional bonds with their clients. We offer a variety of fun activities to get your loved one socializing again, and encourage them to keep up with favorite hobbies or pastimes.

Some of our companionship services include:

Sailing into the Sunset

Man sitting on the deck of a ferry

As a former naval captain, one of our clients loved to be on the water. His Serenity caregiver helped to ensure that his connection with his past and love for sailing remained strong by accompanying him on ferry rides in Victoria’s beautiful harbour.

To find the perfect companion for your senior loved one, contact us today.

Recovery Care

Sometimes, individuals of any age need a little extra assistance in the home while recovering from an injury or medical procedure.

Serenity Home Care is happy to provide recovery care services to help a person during their recovery process. Whether recovery lasts only a few days or weeks or even longer, we’re here to help. Our services can get a person back in the comfort of their own home as soon as possible after hospitalization, minimizing overall time spent in an impersonal facility.

We also provide a service for people who have had sedation for a medical procedure and require accompaniment during the procedure, as well as transportation back home. Our trained caregivers accompany our clients to the hospital or medical facility as well as drive them home, pick up any needed prescriptions afterwards and stay with the individual as long as necessary.

To find out more about how to schedule recovery care, contact us today.

Overnight or Live-In Care

When a loved one needs around-the-clock care, or assistance overnight, look no further than Serenity Home Care!

Our highly trained overnight caregivers are available during the night to make sure a senior loved one experiences a peaceful evening, and our live-in caregivers become an integrated part of a senior’s home life, offering whatever support is needed.

A Good Night's Sleep

end of life care victoria

When we learned that one of our clients was in the hospital, ready to be discharged, but needing 24-hour care in order to return to the comfort of her own home, we wasted no time in finding a Serenity caregiver who agreed to immediately start care that evening. 

For our client, who was suffering with an infection and MS, it meant spending a peaceful night at home in her own bed instead of a sleepless night in a noisy hospital.

To schedule a free in-home consultation to evaluate the needs of your loved one, contact us today.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is offered to those dealing with serious chronic illness.

It prioritizes the comfort and personal wishes of the individual, and works collaboratively with therapists, social workers, and medical care providers in a unified team approach. Serenity Home Care is proud to be part of that team.

We take our tagline of “better living for those you love” to heart as we prioritize listening to clients and their family members to provide the exact kind of care they’re looking for.

To learn more about how palliative care can make the senior in your life more comfortable, contact us today.

Payment Options

Paying for in-home care can be confusing or cause feelings of uncertainty to arise, but we're here to help.

Serenity is committed to providing the highest quality of care at competitive pricing, and helping the families we serve navigate the payment process as smoothly as possible.

We accept private pay, long-term care insurance, and the Veteran’s Independence Program.

Reach out through our online contact form or over the phone at 250-590-8098 with any questions you may have about payment options.