Our Caregivers

Caregiver talking a client

Serenity Home Care senior caregivers don't just view their job as a career; they view it as a calling.

Chosen for their reliability and hearts for service, our caregivers are warm, compassionate, and dedicated to their profession.

They specialize in coming up with innovative care solutions, like Diane, whose client John had severe mobility problems—he couldn’t walk and he couldn’t do much with his hands. Diane learned that he used to restore aircraft at a museum and that he loved to work with his hands. Diane brought in simple model airplanes that the two of them could build together.

She hadn’t been working with John for more than a week when one of the nurses on the unit pulled her aside and said, “You have absolutely transformed John’s life.”

All our caregivers are carefully matched to the seniors they serve, taking into consideration similar likes and interests. This ensures that a genuine bond of trust can form.

At Serenity Home Care, we know that the right caregiver is so much more than a pair of helping hands; the right caregiver is a friend.

All Serenity Home Care senior caregivers receive onboarding training and supplementary training after hiring to ensure their skills stay sharp and up-to-date with industry standards.

Our caregivers are employees, not contractors, and are available 24/7, including evenings, holidays, and weekends. We have a wide pool of insured, vetted, and screened caregivers to choose from, so someone with the right skills is always available, allowing us to meet the specific needs of each senior with the perfect caregiver in Victoria or throughout the surrounding areas.

Moreover, we conduct regular quality assurance visits in our clients’ homes and require no long-term contracts. Everyone on our leadership team is a former caregiver, so we know what it’s like to work directly with clients.

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